Silent Endo

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Silent Endo

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How do you know if steps taken to address "silent endometriosis" are working? I was diagnosed with Stage IV endometriosis with adhesions to the bowel and colon. I'm not opposed to hormone treatment or hysterectomy if it's necessary, but I don't want to immediately jump to that. I also don't want any further complications from adhesions. I occasionally feel very brief mild sharp pains, and only now do I understand what they could be. (I second guessed they even existed before diagnosis because of how mild the pain was
) I have none of the traditional bloating and pain symptoms. I'm at a loss on how to move forward.

I recently listened to this podcast, as well as another one which featured Dr. Briden on the same topic and I plan to eliminate gluten and dairy to try to better my situation. But how can I check in with my body to know if it's helping when I don't have traditional symptoms?

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