Anti histamine and magnesium - how long to work?

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Anti histamine and magnesium - how long to work?

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Hi there,

Just started taking antihistamines this week and magnesium.

How long to work and do they work on mood at all?

I have had a very bad cycle of PMDD and I am scrambling to reassess my treatment.

I was diagnosed 4 years ago by Dr Eden when I read an article about PMDD in a sunday paper, featuring him and was like 'thats me!'. I am pretty sure I have had it since I started my periods when I was 14 but thought I was just moody and 'too much', alcoholic, bipolar.
I stopped drinking for the past 5 and half years as that was my coping mechanism for most of my life!

I am 47, living in sydney, co parenting two teens -14 (M) and 17(F). Run my own business (not well, currently due to chronic PMDD I am incapacitated 2 weeks of a month)

I have been on Zoely since last April - some effectiveness, I believe, to start with anyway, but a lot of stress with my son's situation who was diagnosed with ADHD/ODD, involved with police, anxious, angry and he has trauma, we had to change his school too. I was not sure and as I was not getting a period I assumed my anxiety/depression was due to the situation.

I had a terrible week early January then got a period... Relief!! Total sanity and energy for 10-14 days

Still taking Zoely.

I am now back in the depths of despair..

1. Back to my psych who has suggested HRT.. Given my age, although my mother's family historically have late menopause in mid to late 50's - yay for them NOT for me :(
50mcg estradiol patch + 100mg oral prometrium (taken at night)
Booked for Dr this Saturday and hope she agrees to this as recommended by Dr Jayashri Kulkarni.

2. Taking anti-histamine and magnesium - seems to minimise my physical symptoms so less aches and breast tenderness - day 3... early days..

It is mainly the mental aspect of depression, inertia, sadness, anger and also grief to realise all I have lost over the years from this awful condition and that few people understand it when you explain or understand how serious/debilitating it is.
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Re: Anti histamine and magnesium - how long to work?

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Hi there. I hope ypu feel better now. PMDD is so tough. I went on bioidentical HRT to treat my PMDD 5 years ago and it has given me back my life. I also take antihistamine around ovulation and avoid histamine building foods as much as possible ( difficult :lol: ). I've found bilateral music for relaxation is also helpful.
Dee x
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