Inositol is delaying my period

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Inositol is delaying my period

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Hi there, I started taking Jarrow brand inositol powder just 1/4 tsp once a day for anxiety/irritability from blood sugar issues (I have an autoimmune disease that gives me gastroparesis so I have to eat a low fibre diet to reduce stomach pain and gastroparesis). It didn't seem to do much so I started taking up to 1/2 tsp 3 times a day a few weeks ago. It was helping me to deal with the sweet cravings somewhat so that was helpful. But now my period is really overdue. I know I am going to get it because I had the normal feeling when it was due (that day) of bloating and mild cramping before the bleeding usually starts. But I have had that feeling for a week and a half now and I feel awful. I dropped back to just the one dose of 1/4 tsp a few days ago when I realised that the inositol was the only thing I'd changed that could affect my normally regular cycle so much. I though inositol was supposed to help the cycle be regular. Does this mean I should avoid inositol? I am disappointed as I have always been an anxious person and it has got worse with the gastroparesis diet (which is not a healthy diet but really reduces the pain and nausea), so I had high hopes when I read other people's amazing results for anxiety on the iHerb reviews of the powder. Or maybe I should push through and things would regulate? I just feel so bloated and that my life is on hold until my period arrives (I always feel so much more positive for the week or so after my cycle arrives).

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