Can Inositol raise/release calcium?

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Can Inositol raise/release calcium?

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Hello! I have been taking inositol at night for about 3-4 months now - following Andrew Huberman's information on it. Previously I have only used it for anxiety every once in while in myself or kids. Until I saw your posts on it I didn't know it helped with pcos. I haven't been diagnosed with pcos but I have always dealt with excess estrogen and heavy periods (but your first book was a huge help on that years ago). Now that I am 48 I was starting to have a shortened cycle and I did notice that my cycle has gone back to 26-27 days (used to be 28), when it had been around 24. Also periods were still heavy but less days. However, the past 2 months I have seen the return of menstrual migraines on day 3 (I take magnesium, b vitamins, DIM (sometimes)). My migraines also can be because of excess glutamate which I am very careful about - I mention this because magnesium and calcium in balance are very important to my preventing migraines. So I found this
"There is strong evidence that inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate stimulates Ca2 release from intracellular stores. The Ca2-releasing ac- tions of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate are terminated by its metabolism through two distinct pathways." - and now am wondering if it is the culprit. Also as of today having very dark urine and pain in my back and concerned I am forming kidney stones. Thoughts?
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Re: Can Inositol raise/release calcium?

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Hmm, never knew about that connection before! Interesting. Hopefully someone here can advice.
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