Perimenopause PCOS protocol?

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Perimenopause PCOS protocol?

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Hi ,
I am 53 and in perimenopause- I am wondering what are best practices once you are in perimenopause with PCOS?
As perimenopause means high levels of estrogen and low progesterone- should I be considering hormone therapy?
And do you only take progesterone (because you already have high estrogen)? Do you wait until menopause or is it better to start earlier-esp. before 60)?
I have had regular periods (28 day cycle for the most part, not sure if ovulatory) for the last 8+ years (since starting synthroid for thyroid issues), but have not taken birth control pills or any other medications.
I am concerned about hormonal cancers and would like to explore best options that would be protective at this time.

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