Tapering off MHT

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Tapering off MHT

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Hi Lara,
I have just read Hormone Repair Manual. So so helpful, only wish I had it when I was perimenopausal! I am 61 and still on MHT. I started within the window you speak of after my last period and was about 52 years of age , due to hot flushes. I tried over the counter herbal remedies and anti depressant but they didn't work for long. I started MHT bioidentical via my doctor and a compounding chemist. Now using for the last 6 months Estrogel and Prometrium. My question is should I at 61 still be on MHT? Is this detrimental to me. My issue is whenever I go off it or reduce it by not using every night the hot flushes come back with a vengeance and I am waking at night, 5 plus times a night. I still work and I really need my sleep. I feel that I am stopping the process of the natural decline of the hot flushes by still being on MHT. I was particularly interested in the information on estrogens being 'addictive'. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
With thanks
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Re: Tapering off MHT

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Of course, speak to your doctor, but many experts now think it's safe to stay on hormone therapy long-term. If you do stop it, yes. You'll need to taper down estrogen.
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