mirena iud and sleep maintenance insomnia

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mirena iud and sleep maintenance insomnia

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I know several friends (all of us in our early/mid 30s) who have huge difficulty staying asleep (sleep maintenance insomnia) after having the Mirena IUD inserted. I will wake up at 3 or 4 AM and not be able to get back to sleep for hours. I believe that the problem is partially due to calming progesterone replaced by progestin, and possibly leading to dysregulated cortisol. Am I right here? I personally have tried so many supplements (melatonin, slow release melatonin, magneisum citrate, etc) and the only one that has helped somewhat is phosphatidylserine. What can we do? is the only option to remove the IUD? thanks so much...
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Re: mirena iud and sleep maintenance insomnia

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Hormonal IUDs are known to impact the nervous system, probably because of the side effects of levonorgestrel.
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