Teen PMDD Help!

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Teen PMDD Help!

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My 14 year old was suffering with what looked like PMDD severe mood disorder associated with her cycle. The doctors suggested the pill. Initially the put her on the combined pill but this caused her existed diagnosis of migraine with aura to worsen (I did my own research found that CP is contraindicated with migraine with aura and can cause stroke, no idea why they messed that up so badly) she was on this for a month in which her mental health got so bad we though she may be experiencing psychosis (she is still waiting for assessment/diagnosis). She was then put on PoP (doctor said it can be helpful for her mental health symptoms) it’s been few months and it does seem to be balancing out the mood - but it’s now present all month at a lower levels. You recent link to research saying that the pill given to teens can create more depression later in life terrifies me. Have I agreed for her to go into something that is going to worsen her experience. She has suffered so much already. Please please can someone advise me - I can’t find any help or anyone who knows about this (all doctors give me a different story).

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