Endometriosis and Mirena Issues

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Endometriosis and Mirena Issues

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I had 1 excision surgery end of July 2023, where my surgeon removed endo. I was classified as stage 3 endo. At the time of the surgery I was also given the mirena which I still have today. The surgery went well and the surgeon told me that I have a score of 9/10 for future pregnancy.

Given it's been 3 months since my surgery, I have felt alot of pain which I think is near my ovaries (as I feel pain on both sides) during ovulation and also during my period.

My concern is that I didn't have this pain before and worry I could have cysts that are rupturing as I feel a sharp pain, bloating and nausea about 1 week during the month. (I did some research and saw that perhaps Mirena could be causing cysts - if thats the pain I am experiencing). I also have issues peeing (which my surgeon told me would be gone after removing the endo).

I don't know if this is due to the mirena causing the pain/cysts. I was quite worried and have thought about removing the mirena and going on the pill, but don't know what is the right option to move forward. I would like to have kids in the next 18months, so would like a solution that would be suitable for me.

I have heard of Isotiol, NAC and other treatments might also be an option, but not sure which path to go down. Would appreciate any help!

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