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My sister had an ultrasound due to having one extremely painful period (and I have an history of endometriosis) and has a 7cm endometrioma and two nodules in the POD showing on the scan. She has had an appointment with the surgeon who did my surgery for endo a few years ago and he says he recommends surgery. She is unsure if she needs surgery as she hasn’t had any pain since that period 2 cycles ago and no pain prior to that either.

She had booked in to see a more holistic gyno but they don’t have appointments for 6 months.

Are you able to give your thoughts on this? She is 30yo, wants to have kids one day but is currently single.

I think she should have surgery to reduce the risk of the endometrioma doing further damage to the ovary? She will see a naturopath to help with lifestyle changes (although she has previously not been great at implementing changes for her health so I worry she may not be able to reduce the inflammation in her body).

Any advice is greatly appreciated! She has bought your book I recommended :)

Thank you, Georgia

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