White peony and Licorice

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White peony and Licorice

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I came off the pill a year and a half ago at age 22. I started the pill at 18. I am now 23. I had regular periods before the pill but did struggle with acne. My skin started breaking out 3-4 months after stopping the pill. My periods were regular for about 9 months after stopping and then I returned to school and started eating less and feeling stressed and I missed my period for two months. I was diagnosed with PCOS based on ultrasound but my hormones were normal. I started eating more and my periods began coming once a month again but on the longer side closer to 35-36 days. Now I am in veterinary school and quite stressed with a great deal of exams and clinics and my cycle this month was 52 days. I am eating a good amount with proteins and fat and carbs and all whole foods. I have opted for more gentle exercise except for running on days I am quite stressed but I have cut down a lot on it. I am stressed and trying to manage that but there is only so much I can do. I am also experiencing some acne on the jaw line and my hair is brittle and shedding. I was wondering if I have normal hormones and I am healthy otherwise if it is worth trying white peony and licorice to see if I see results? I haven't been able to find a practitioner that can educate me on natural remedies.

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