Mast cell activation and progesterone

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Mast cell activation and progesterone

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Hi Dr Briden, I am wondering if you have ever come across patients with progesterone sensitivity? Ive had an endometriosis diagnosis for 10 years (clinical diagnosis) but had heavy periods since day 1. I have been horribly sick since my second pregnancy and finally diagnosed with mast cell activation. I’m working with integrative medicine doctor Bruce hoffman. I am finally starting to see improvement with cellular health rebuilding, nalcrom, antihistamines, many other supplements. However, while I had hives and flushing at the beginning, I don’t seem to have any classic allergic symptoms or food issues, chemical sensitivities. I just had an allergy test done on my skin and didn’t react to anything.The main trigger seems to be ovulation and my period (extreme brain fog, burning fibromyalgia type pain, numbness, swollen eyelids face and body, fatigue, anxiety) etc. I have an IUD which helped massively with my extremely heavy periods but it has caused some worsening of my existing ovulation cramps and exercise and diet resistant weight gain (paleo, high healthy fat and fruits and veg diet).
And I just tried bio identical progesterone at 100mg last month from day 5-28. My ovulation pain was much reduced but the other inflammatory type symptoms were off the charts, massive flare up. I have been saying for two years - I feel like I’m allergic to my period. I’m 38, my mother didn’t go through menopause until 57. My last FSH was 4.8 (don’t recall time of cycle). I want to stop the IUD because the weight is just skyrocketing but I don’t think I can do progesterone?? I’ve had some luck with tranexemic acid but it’s a weak bandaid for flooding periods for me. Thanks for your time!! Oh my HbA1c was 5.6% so not the best.

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Re: Mast cell activation and progesterone

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How are you doing now, Danicanada?
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