Metabolic supplements combo - Australian sources

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Metabolic supplements combo - Australian sources

Post by chelle »

Hi, I'm reading the Metabolism Reset book, and I have some of the Metabolic Supplements Combo, but I'd like to order more and from as few sites as possible. Is there any site that has everything? I'm opening multiple tabs, and doing stacks of back and forth, but am getting confused with similar sounding products and checking labels (eg I have Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium Night but it's different to Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium).

I also have found that the ingredients in Lara's book state that Mega Magnesium Powder has Taurine in it, but when I look up their site I can't see Taurine listed. EDIT: Argh, I just found that the Mega Magnesium Powder has different ingredients to Mega Magnesium tablets. Why do they make this so complicated? ... ium-powder

Anyway, my question still stands - is there one site that has everything in this combo?

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