Perimenopause symptom relief via diet change?

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Perimenopause symptom relief via diet change?

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Hi everyone. I am new to this forum, hailing from Los Angeles, California, US. I have been struggling for a few years with symptoms of perimenopause. I'm not sure I recognized it as such at first. I guess I just thought that after many years with my husband, I'd simply lost interest in sex with him. But I am now realizing that, in my mid-40s, that was the first sign that something was amiss. I also had some pretty embarrassing bouts of rage, and lately, now that I am 50, I can't seem to shake this sense of existential dread; and garden-variety sadness. There's also the periods that last for weeks and the night sweats (and sometimes day sweats, but hot flashes I've been able to curb with exercise.) Anyway, I am excited to read through the posts on this forum and learn more. I am also hoping some of you will want to join me as I explore whether I can curb some of the hormonal upheaval I'm experiencing by changing my diet. I so hope that healthy eating, which I have always thought deep down was a panacea (before the era of everyone talking about gut health) can help me (us) to at least dampen the more uncomfortable symptoms of perimenopause. And my hope is that by the time I am at menopause, I have a strategy that works for me. My blog, which I just launched, is Hope to connect here and there!

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