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Heavy Bleeding/Clotting

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2024 3:59 pm
by eparker
Hi everyone. I’m new here. I’m 47. I’ll be 48 in July. A few cycles ago I had some really heavy bleeding/clotting. I’ve had clotting before but this was different. So, I went to my ob and she ran some bloodwork and did an outer and inner ultrasound. Since my lining was thick, she was also wanting to do a biopsy of my lining. I’m a bit apprehensive about doing that. She had prescribed me norethindrone, which I found by reading up on is not actually progesterone. I never took it because I didn’t have peace about it. I called my ob today to ask for a prescription for either Prometrium or Utrogestan based on what I read. I was told by the nurse that my ob may still want to do the biopsy before prescribing me something else.

I would just like to know if this biopsy is necessary, or if heavy bleeding and clotting is normal during this season I’m in. I don’t want to do something that is not necessary.

I appreciate any advice.

Thank you!