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Can endo dissapear?

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2022 7:13 am
by jaynef
Hi there, I'm 41 from Scotland UK and I'm really confused about my diagnosis. Back in 2001 I was taken to A&E in extreme pain, at the time I was being investigated for low back pain and my GP had just sent me for a pelvic ultrasound. While in hospital the doctors sat on my bed saying they didn't know what was wrong but that it couldn't be endo as I'd been on the pill for so long, about 6 years. Following a laparoscopy i was told I had stage 4 endo, so bad that they couldn't get a full view of my ovaries and uterus due to the scarring and disease. I was put on the pill continuously to stop the bleeding and the endo getting worse. I suffered for a few years with flare ups but then things seemed to settle, however my emotional state suffered with the pill and I was chopping and changing which one I was on all the time! Then my husband and I decided we wanted to try for a baby and I came off the pill, 18 months of trying we were on the IVF waiting list but then it happened naturally. We were over the moon and my daughter is now 8. Pregnancy was great, I blossomed but post birth was not. I had postnatal depression, the pain returned and generally I was weak. I tired the Mirena coil but it made the symptoms worse, back on the pill my emotions were all over the place, I stopped all contraceptives and my period returned to some kind of normality. In 2018 I had another laparoscopy after 2 MRI scans showed endo, signs of damage and adenomyosis. This lap showed no endo! How!? There was a lot of damage, my left ovary covered in scar tissue, the right almost detached from it's tube and hiding behind my uterus. the doc even asked me if I'd had my tubes operated on!? I haven't. I was then discharged from their care but still suffering symptoms, however I was told surgery was the only option and things didn't feel bad enough for that. After my lap my pain got worse and I still have a build up of fascial tension around the scar sight. Anyway, that's my story and I'm still really confused as to how there's no sign of endo! The doc even suggested that the first lap could have been misdiagnosed, I felt they were very dismissive. I'm back on the waiting list to see then but this could take about a year. Has anyone else had a similar diagnosis of endo disappearing but ravaging your pelvis?