Pre-Ovulation Anxiety with normal blood work

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Pre-Ovulation Anxiety with normal blood work

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Hi there! I have been doing the recommendations in the book using B6 (P-5-P) and Magnesium to help with some symptoms I have been having, but I am still having issues with extreme anxiety/restlessness/sleep issues the days leading up to ovulation….then after ovulation it goes back to normal. Then also around days 22-25 of my cycle then it drops off again (my cycle is around 33 days long).

I had my hormones tested exactly 7 days before I started my cycle (day 26) and my lab work looks “normal” at:

Estradiol is at 240 pg/ml
Progesterone 10.9 ng/ml
DHEA is 115
Cortisol is at 10 mcg/Fl
TSH is 1.6 miU/L
Testosterone is 29 ng/DL

I also consistently ovulate every cycle (this is confirmed with the LH surge pee sticks and the cervical discharge).

With all of that, every cycle this is the pattern:

Days 1-8 I feel great! Calm and energized. Clear headed

Days 9-16/17 I get bad anxiety, headaches, this weird shaky jittery feeling, trouble sleeping, and extreme fatigue.

Days 18-21/22 I feel pretty good/normal

Days 21-26 I get the headaches, anxiety, restless, extreme congestion, very shaky and jittery feeling.

Days 27-33ish I feel great! Clear headed, calm and grounded. Great sleep.

It’s the two weeks of anxiety, headaches, shaky/jittery, restless sleep that I am trying to figure out how to alleviate.

I have been taking around 60mg of B6 (P5P), Magnesium Glycinate 600mg (sometimes more to help me sleep), Ashwaganda, and an Active B “Stress” Complex.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations of what is causing these anxiety/extreme shaky/jittery/sleep disturbance issues? I assume it has some sort of link to Estrogen, but my lab work came back “normal” so it doesn’t seem high or low but I feel wayyyyy better when it’s at the lower points in my cycle.

Any tips or advice you have to help alleviate the anxiety would be greatly appreciated! 🙏🏻

Thank you for your book and your podcast!
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Re: Pre-Ovulation Anxiety with normal blood work

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Hi! Have you found any answers? I also have this issue of extreme fatigue before ovulation, and at a loss of what is causing it.
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Re: Pre-Ovulation Anxiety with normal blood work

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Pre-ovulation anxiety can be a histamine issue. See my blog post The Role of Histamine and Mast Cells in PMS and PMDD
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