PCOS & Pregnancy

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PCOS & Pregnancy

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I have been following Lara's advice for about 7 years now with the PCOS - supplementing Magnesium for 4 years and Magnesium + Ovasitol combo myo/d-chiro for the past 3 years as well as probiotics for the last 8 months. Added an herbal supplement (Elix) that contains Vitex for the last month or so because I felt the cycle length was at times becoming too long (up to 45 days!) and I was looking to shorten this.

Other dietary changes like only A2 dairy (if at all), little gluten, and a protein and fat-rich diet w low carbs have also become a part of my lifestyle. I have always been fairly lean, but tried over the last couple of years to increase body weight (BMI - 20) and muscle both over the last 2 years.

I've also done BBT monitoring with Daysy over for 6 years, as well as further daily quantitive data collection (with the Inito device) on Progesterone (PdG), LH, and Estrogen (E3G) over the last 3 months, to try to determine if Ovulation was actually occurring and when this might be.

Over the short while of 3 months of monitoring these hormones with Inito, I was seeing 2 peak ovulation indications with dual LH surges but still used this information while ttc.

I recently discovered that we're pregnant with our first, still very early days (likely 5 weeks in).

Given where we are and the background of how we got here, I worry about what impact the PCOS could be having. From a pregnancy monitoring point of view, are there certain things I should ensure my doctor definitely checks for / does? For e.g. I had read that progesterone can be lower than desired for some PCOS pregnant women. Are there such things that we need to be aware of?

Further, from a food point of view, should I continue on low A2 dairy and low gluten during the pregnancy too, and add/subtract anything?

Lastly, shall I continue to take the existing PCOS supplements as above in addition to the Prenatal or reduce/add anything?

Loaded post, sorry. Just hoping to get this right given everything. There is no medical observation of pregnant ppl until week 8 of pregnancy where I am, so it is difficult to get an OB to speak on this yet.

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