Inositol Experience

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Inositol Experience

Post by AbiFall4 »

Fantastic podcast, I wish I came across this community sooner!

About a year ago I came off birth control, no period the last 8 months. Endless tests and scans with no answers other than I was healthy, just not having a period. Took matters into my own hands by reading and researching - hence how I began taking inositol. I take ovositol (from Amazon) which is 40:1 ratio. I asked my OBGYN and was told “we’ve heard of it you can try it but we don’t recommend supplements very often”. After 4 months I did have ONE normal healthy period with ovulation - I took this daily 2x a day. No periods since then but I am still taking it.

We’ll see if I continue it or not, it is rather pricey. Figured I’d post to see if this helped anyone out!
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Re: Inositol Experience

Post by Anna23 »

I came off the depo after a few years, had no period for months, and then all of a sudden period/spotting started about 2 months ago daily and haven't stopped since?
Been using Myo & D-Chiro inositol with choline and folic acid (4months)and magnesium for 1month already and no change. My breasts are so tender on a weekly basis.
Trying to conceive, but need my hormones to be back to normal.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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