questions about sugar - is Honey off the list?

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questions about sugar - is Honey off the list?

Post by franqmike »

I'd love to know if honey is off the list as well...
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Re: questions about sugar - is Honey off the list?

Post by Jeslyn »

It depends on the individual.

If you are insulin resistant, then you really need to avoid ALL sugar and that includes honey, agave, etc. If you are not insulin resistant then a little honey in your tea (for example) is probably fine.

Overall, less refined is better. So honey is pretty good and does contain some other things that have health benefits. It's a similar story for pure maple syrup (the real kind, not maple-flavoured syrup) and demerara sugar.

When I bake, I use a lot less sugar than the recipe calls for, usually about 1/4 or less, and I try to use demerara sugar. Not to be confused with raw sugar or brown sugar, both of which a highly processed. Real demerara sugar is minimally processed, whereas brown sugar is highly processed, they just add some of the molasses back in.

But again, if you are insulin resistant, you really need to strictly avoid all sugar (but you can still have whole fruit).

Lara does mention honey in a couple of articles, including this one:
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