Severe Endometriosis and Semen

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Severe Endometriosis and Semen

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I had laparoscopic surgery a couple years ago and discovered that my endometriosis was covering almost every organ in my pelvic cavity, including the nerves in my back. I had lived for many years with severe endo and was able to keep it in check until I started trying to get pregnant. For some reason, I am extremely sensitive to the prostaglandins in semen. For a couple days after sex I will have heavy-weighted pain in my pelvis along with inflammation and cramps. This is not an allergic reaction to semen. After my laparoscopic surgery this went away, however now that it's been a couple years I am starting to feel it happening again. I'd like to try to get pregnant, but I'm scared because of how quickly my endo spread to my back nerves when we started trying initially (which was the catalyst for surgery). Do you have any recommendations on how to manage this symptom? Thank you!

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