Ode to Ovulation

woman holding eggOvulation feels good because it switches on hormones.

As your ovaries get ready to release an egg every month, they pump out estrogen. Estrogen stimulates serotonin, which is why you’re more outgoing and energetic in the few days leading up to ovulation.

What happens just after ovulation is even more interesting. That’s when your ovary (one of them) releases bucket-loads of progesterone—your calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory hormone.  

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The Game-Changing Discovery of Ovarian Stem Cells

“The significance of this work is like reporting that we found microorganisms on Mars.”  ~ Dr Kutluk Oktay

New Harvard research has challenged the long-held belief that women have a finite number of eggs which ‘run out’. Scientists have discovered ovarian stem cells and say that viable young eggs may be able to be generated  from the ovaries of older women. This could revolutionize fertility treatment.

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CoQ10: A Drop of ‘Life Essence’ for Fertility and Longevity

“CoQ10 turns back the clock on female fertility, and makes old eggs young again.”

Our ancestors believed that raw organ meats could transfer the life essence to our bodies to bring us health and fecundity. It sounds like something out of Clan of the Cave Bear, steeped in superstition and ritual.  But what if there was something real in it? What if fresh organ meat was a potent elixir of fertility and youth? How could we have  forgotten all about it? What does that say about our modern understanding of nutrition and diet? With our processed food and our factory-farmed meat…

What have we lost? And, more importantly: Can we regain it all with a pill?

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