Finding the right thermometer

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Finding the right thermometer

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I would like to start checking my body temperature as recommended by Dr. Briden to see if I'm ovulating. I also want to teach my daughters and my patients (I'm a pelvic health PT) to do the same. The problem is finding a thermometer that is accurate and affordable. I looked at the Daysy and it's $320, which is a barrier for a lot of us. Can anyone make recommendations for a thermometer?
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Re: Finding the right thermometer

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I started the FAM method based on Lara Briden's book and then bought the book "taking charge of your fertility" from Toni Weschler for the step-by-step and extra details. Lara's book + Toni's book should be in every women's book shelves for sure.

In this book there are suggestions on what type of thermometer to use. If you search on amazon, type the key words "bbt thermometer" for Basal Body thermometer. I chose the Iproven. I'm very happy with it, and was around $10. I can see my obvious thermal shift (+ the other symptoms), so the thermometer seems quite accurate.

And honestly, yes it can be a bit overwhelming at first to learn the method (like anything new to learn), but after 2 weeks of going back and forth in the book, i'm now perfectly aware of what's going on. The knowledge gained is amazing ! Something I wouldn't have with Daysy. I personally prefer to get my hands dirty, rather than have a tool doing it for me haha. But it's a personal choice :)
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