Cycling Progesterone During Perimenopause

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Cycling Progesterone During Perimenopause

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I’ve been seeing a functional medicine nurse practitioner regarding some perimenopause related symptoms I’ve been experiencing. We decided to try cycling oral progesterone (100mg) to see if this will help my issues. She instructed me to take the progesterone starting day 14 of my cycle even though I know I tend to ovulate between day 16 and day 18. I tried this and it threw off my regular 28-30 day cycle. I’m assuming it delayed my ovulation. I ended up stopping it on day 31 and my cycle period started 12 days later. My NP has not responded to any of the three messages I sent her (so obviously I need to find another care provider) but I’m curious as to how people know when to start progesterone when cycling. Do you have to track ovulation to know when to start?

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