Endometrial Ablation and IUD?

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Endometrial Ablation and IUD?

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After years of (just barely) tolerating super heavy bleeding each month where I was in the bathroom every 45-60 minutes, I finally stopped procrastinating and in mid-August I had a D&C and a Mirena put in. The experience was pretty painless, and my first period post surgery was a dream by comparison to what I had been experiencing. I was taking tranexamic acid each period prior to the IUD, but I didn't feel that I needed it this time.

And then on day 5 of my period I expelled the IUD....Surprised, horrified and supremely disappointed.

If I go for a second crack at an IUD, what are my chances of it being expelled? Is there anything I can do to prevent it from being expelled? Would taking the tranexamic acid during my period help prevent it from being expelled?

My other option is to have an endometrial ablation. If I take this route, could I have an IUD put in at the same time? I'm hoping by doing both I could eliminate a monthly bleed altogether (once things settled down). Is this double approach recommended/safe?

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