Progesterone Cream

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Progesterone Cream

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Lara, have just purchased both your books and am half way through the period one. Brilliant! Also so much useful info on your site, thank you!

I am 45 years old and I believe in peri-menopause, my periods are irregular. I have uber high oestrogen & low progesterone. I started using bio-identical progesterone cream (very difficult to get Utrogestan alone here in UK) 18 days ago. On day 14 my period came and lasted 4 days. At first I thought it was just mid-cycle spotting and I carried on using the cream throughout, now I am sure it was a period as I soaked a few tampons. I am wondering if I should now re-start my cycle from this last period, meaning I would now be on day 5 not day 19 or if I should continue using the cream as if it is day 19?

Also regarding DOSING I read in a book to take a small dose of cream days 6-14 and then a larger dose days 15-26 as I have a small endometrioma. (Had 2 massive endometriomas and one ovary removed 1 year ago)

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