Adenomyosis and androgens

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Adenomyosis and androgens

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Hi, I am not particularly knowledgeable in this area but frustration has led me here. I cannot get a diagnosis from a doc but after suspecting endo for a very long time and then receiving a comment during a smear that my uterus looked large enough to have just gone through childbirth, I feel I have worked it out that I may have Adenomyosis. I am wanting to know if this condition is linked, at all, to my insanely oily skin? And also perhaps why I had to go off ginet due to constant uncontrolled bleeding? I tried cerazette which controlled the bleeding but my skin got worse. Now I am on nothing…for a month, I was fine but now I am dealing with constant break outs (now in areas like between my breasts and back) and what seems to be weight gain. I am just at a loss to be HEARD by a doctor. Also I’m 39, I just want to tackle these hormonal issues. Ideally, a ginet that didn’t make me bleed!?
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Re: Adenomyosis and androgens

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Your issues with skin sound a lot like post-pill acne. It's a nasty cycle where women are given hormonal birth control to control for acne, but doing that just causes the body to try to produce even more sebum. As soon as you go off the pill, you'll be producing more sebum than ever.

Lara talks a lot about that in this article: ... pill-acne/

Lara also gives some advice on using progesterone (NOT progestins from birth control) for conditions such as adenomyosis: ... ns-health/
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