My bleeding stopped suddenly

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My bleeding stopped suddenly

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Well, I'm 43 yo and suddenly, my bleeding stopped this month.

I've done the pregnancy test yesterday and it's negative. Today I made a routine vaginal eco and nothing was detected.

I'm taking escitalopram since may 2019. As this month was particularly stressful for me I took, under medical supervision, alprazolam more frequently (in short periods of time, but more regularly) - my doctor told me to take it in urgent situations, so I've done so.

However, my period was supposed to appear in the beginning of this month, but nothing happened until now.

I'm concerned about the possible side effects of escitalopram+ alprazolam since I took them together more frequently and wondering if the side effect is affecting my nervous system in such a way that is causing me amenorrhea...

...or, wondering if I'm beginning to menopausing, since I already have symptoms of perimenopause in the last years, after my last pregnancy in 2016.
As my first period came with 11 yo (almost in the late 10s), I think it's a possible scenario.

I'm reading your book, slowly, but I'm curious and concerned about this topic.

Thanks for your possible help;)


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