Thin uterline lining after quitting birth-control

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Thin uterline lining after quitting birth-control

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I came off the pill in April, and has had 4 periods since then.

Cycle 1: 26 days
Cycle 2: 39 days
Cycle 3: 30 days
Cycle 4: 29 days
Cycle 5: currently on day 24, ovulated last week, confirmed by blood test

Since stopping the pill, all my periods have been very light (bleeding for 3-4 days, but lighter periods than I had while I was on the pill). My gynecologist has also seen that my uterine lining is very thin, despite ovulating and having periods.

Has anyone else experienced this since stopping the pill, and do you have any advice on how to thicken the uterine lining?

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