Mirena (crash)

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Mirena (crash)

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I had the Mirena for 5.5 years and experienced depression and anxiety for a good 6 months when first inserted. This seemed to level out mostly over time (having never suffered from depression before). I wish I’d had it removed straight away, however fell for health professionals telling me it mustn’t be connected.

About a month after I had it taken out (after 5.5 years), I experienced extreme and wholly irrational levels of anxiety. This lasted for several months and was largely unbearable. I was prescribed fluoxetine which made things worse. I was then prescribed sertraline, which thankfully helped.

This was 3.5 years ago now (on sertraline) and I’ve now started to to trial very slowly coming off the drug. I’ve been on a half dose for 3 months, and anxiety symptoms are creeping back. I can’t help but feel that the Mirena coil has wrecked my hormones for good. Has anybody else experienced anything like this? And has anything helped at all?

I have regular periods since Mirena removal (first one was awful), with a lot of clots and thick brown material that I didn’t have pre-Mirena (normal red blood). I also would never take any form of birth control again! So completely free of synthetic hormone.

Thanks in advance for any help at all.

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