How to regulate cycles after stopping the mini pill?

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How to regulate cycles after stopping the mini pill?

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Hey. I stopped the mini pill desogestrel/cerazette on the 6th of July.
I ovulated on the 29th of august so 7.5 weeks later… then I was spotting 7 days after this and full flow period 10-11 days after ovulation.

I was expecting this cycle to be more normal, but so far I’m on cycle day 29 (cycle day 1 being the start of the last period), and still no sign at all of ovulation!

I am doing LH ovulation tests twice daily, and they’re not even getting any darker yet…

I’m getting so frustrated as I’ve been off the pill now for basically 3 months… and I’m still waiting for my 2nd ovulation!….

I was only on this pill for 9 weeks, and cilest before that.

Is there anything I can do/take to regulate my cycle?

I don’t know if they were regular before or not because I’ve been on cilest pretty much since I was about 17, other than when I had my first daughter (I conceived after stopping cilest, before even getting a period). So I’ve never really not been off the pill to know!

I am taking pregnacare preconception vitamins daily.

I’m desperate though to get it all sorted, it’s driving me crazy as we just want to fall pregnant asap.

Thank you!

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