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Post by Great_Joy »

Loved your Inositol podcast.

For teens with strong cramps and anxiety is Sensitol ( Designs for Health, Myo+ D Chiro + ALA) or plain Myo - Inositol better.

Also - do you have any posts with links to suggested brand and supps

Thank you!
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Re: Inositol

Post by Marsha+Melo »

hi there, pdf's to the resources (key supps, brands & doses) from LB's work here;
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Re: Inositol

Post by Lara »

Sensitol could be a good product as long as the myo-iD-chiro-inositol are in at least a 40:1 ratio (ie. not too much d-chiro). I couldn't tell from their ingredient list but you could ask them.
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