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If you need help with hormones or periods, you’re in the right place. This site explores women’s health topics, such as immune treatment for endometriosis and the 4 types of PCOS. You’ll also find information about natural treatments, including iodine for breast pain, progesterone for heavy periods, and some of the best natural anti-androgen supplements for facial hair and acne.

You can read an essay about body literacy and learn about alternatives to hormonal birth control, including the pros and cons of the copper IUD (Paragard).

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Food Addiction and Other Causes of Abnormally High Hunger

Do you feel hungry all the time? Abnormally hungry? If so, it’s worth trying to figure out why. Potential drivers of abnormally high hunger include insulin resistance, gut and microbiome issues, low blood sugar, and food addiction—just to name a few.

In the latest episode of my podcast and YouTube video, I explore food addiction and some of the controversy around the term. I also discuss the next best steps on your road to recovery.