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If you need help with hormones or periods, you’re in the right place. This site explores many different aspects of women’s health including the immune side of endometriosis and the 4 types of PCOS. You’ll also find information about natural treatments including iodine for breast pain, natural progesterone for heavy periods, and some of the best natural anti-androgen supplements for facial hair and acne.

The site also includes an essay about body literacy and several articles about alternatives to hormonal birth control including the pros and cons of the copper IUD (Paragard).

For more information, check out my book Period Repair Manual, now in its second edition. And stay tuned for my new book for women over forty, which will cover topics such as the benefits of magnesium and Prometrium for perimenopause.

Recent Articles

The Secret Powers of Ovulation (It’s Not Just for Making a Baby)

benefits of ovulationOvarian hormones estrogen and progesterone are beneficial for health. That means natural ovulatory menstrual cycles are beneficial for health because ovulation is how women make hormones.

Does that surprise you? Men make testosterone every day, so you might think women do something similar, but we don’t. Instead, women make hormones as a surge of estradiol leading up to ovulation and an even bigger surge of progesterone after ovulation.