Cyclic Progesterone Therapy

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Cyclic Progesterone Therapy

Post by Irishbrit »

I’ve been taking 300mg progesterone for 14 days off 14 days on for a couple of cycles now… about how long does it take for it to start normalizing your cycle?
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Re: Cyclic Progesterone Therapy

Post by meowallthetime »

Hello! From my experience, it takes up to 3-4 months for your body to “get used to” HRT. (But love to hear what Lara says!) Hope it’s working well for you!
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Re: Cyclic Progesterone Therapy

Post by sarahlilymartin »

I have a similar question for Dr. Briden.
I am an ND just starting to use OMP with a patient for amennorheic PCOS. She is on the second month of OMP (and she’s feeling great!) but she (and I) are not sure how and when we’ll know when she’ll be ready to discontinue the OMP. Other than watching for signs of ovulation (cervical mucus, temperature shift), how would we determine when to stop the progesterone? My plan for now is to at least go for 6 months - but I thought I’d ask here as well.
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Re: Cyclic Progesterone Therapy

Post by JFormosa978 »


32, IR PCOS and TTC. Currently not ovulating but getting a regular period.

I am interested in starting progesterone therapy. I have been prescribed a 2.5% topical cream. Which part of my cycle should I take the cream for?
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Re: Cyclic Progesterone Therapy

Post by angietg_ »

Hi! My name is Angie
I’ll be quick, so after one long year of not having a period I convinced my doctor to give me Utrogestan. But she has no idea of how it works or anything. So I gave her your article, and she’s going to give the prescription.
So…. How do I know that my cycle has become ovulatory? Does not the Utrogestan makes a temperature shift too? After how many cycles should I be having one on my own?
Thank you a lot!
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Re: Cyclic Progesterone Therapy

Post by Lara »

The simplest strategy is to start to watch for signs of ovulation (e.g. fertile mucus and twinges in the pelvis). When that happens, delay the start of the progesterone for a few days while you assess for the temperature rise.
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Re: Cyclic Progesterone Therapy

Post by sparkjoy10 »

HI Lara
I know you are very busy and so appreciate what you are doing. May we ask for some advice.? My 22 year old daughter has PCOS. She started the suggested progesterone/prometrium regimen with 200 mg every 14 days for 14 days. It has helped immensely to relieve symptoms and get a period and a bit of a cycle. But the progesterone never coincides correctly with a period. Often she will get a period at the beginning of her two week progesterone or some other random time. It’s all over the place. What are your suggestions??? Her instincts tell her she needs more. Also, what are your thoughts on seed cycling. Thank you so much for all your help!
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