Taurine vs Gaba

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Taurine vs Gaba

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Hi Dr Briden,

I have both of your books and have been enjoying them! I am 54 still have a period and suffer from low mood until right before my period. I'm trying some of your supplementation recommendations and had a question about Taurine, b/c I'm finding it makes me feel dizzy. Can I simply supplement GABA for Taurine? Just wondering if its a safe alternative and thinking there may be a reason why this maybe isn't a good idea? thanks so much!
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Re: Taurine vs Gaba

Post by Lara »

I don't have a lot of experience with GABA supplements as my understanding is that GABA doesn't normally cross the blood-brain barrier.

Also, GABA wouldn't give the metabolic benefits of taurine. See my taurine blog post.
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