After Endo surgery & 2 kids - Mirena for contraception ?

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After Endo surgery & 2 kids - Mirena for contraception ?

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After 7 years of trying to get pregnant, I was finally diagnosed with Endometriosis & was removed 5y ago. Since I have had two IVF 2 babies and about 10months ago I chose hormonal Mirena for contraception.
BUT I have three of the side effects:
1. VERY BAD acne around the chin, not going away. (never had acne even when I was a teenager)
2. Extremely bad mood, teary and overwhelmed. (totally unlike me)
3. Libido is almost = 0 (makes me wonder what's the point of contraception ? :roll: )
My question is: What would you recommend as the most effective contraception for someone who has Endo and is trying to ensure it does not return?
I may add I am a year apart being 40 & ike to best prepare my body for menopause as well.

Would your book of Hormon Repair Manual help me?

Thanks for any comments in advance.
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Re: After Endo surgery & 2 kids - Mirena for contraception ?

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See my book Hormone Repair Manual (for women over 40) where I discuss strategies for avoiding pregnancy and treating endometriosis.
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