Perimenopause and mood

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Perimenopause and mood

Post by Mlredman »

I was put on an estradiol patch and 100mg of microionized progesterone for severe perimenopausal mood symptoms. I have a history of depression and increasing SSRI hasn’t touched it
I want to wean off of estradiol because I think it has made symptoms worse. I always had PMDD (worse in peri menopause) and have never tolerated estrogen in birth control pills.
How carefully and slowly so I need to wean off of estrogen? And also should I consider increasing progesterone? I’m doing alot of other lifestyle adjustments and mood is my main symptom of perimenopause. I’m gluten free, dairy free, no sugar or alcohol, lots of protein, exercise etc
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Re: Perimenopause and mood

Post by KJA »

Hi, did you find any relief? I’m on the same hormones and experiencing terrible mood symptoms. I don’t know if I need to increase progesterone or estradiol or what. Thanks!
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Re: Perimenopause and mood

Post by Lara »

Have you read my perimenopause book Hormone Repair Manual? Depending on what phase of perimenopause you're in, your own estrogen levels could still be quite high. In which case, estrogen can usually just be stopped without tapering down. And yes, progesterone can be used on its own at a higher dose. I discuss this in the book.

And, of course, speak to your doctor.
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