allergies and PMDD

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allergies and PMDD

Post by Mlillywhite »

I’ve been dealing with allergies and histamine issues and PMDD. They have been getting worse since i got my cycle back 3 months ago.

My mood is the worst before my period, during my period and right after my period with the only relief being around ovulation where i feel myself. I’ve been using progesterone cream once a day but idk what to do since my moods are really bad during and after my period? I also deal with light hormonal acne and abnormal hair growth.

Has anyone had luck with either of these issues? Currently on oral antihistamine, Flonase and the progesterone cream. I take magnesium and b vitamins as well.
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Re: allergies and PMDD

Post by Adrummonds »

Hi Milly,

Have you had your hormones tested? If you are feeling the worst right before your period, during, and then only feeling relief around ovulation...this is when your estrogen is the highest right around ovulation so it sounds like it's estrogen that may be more of the issue. You would need to do an actual hormone test though to confirm if it's your estrogen that is out of balance. This is where I would start though is first doing a full hormone panel checking all the levels including Cortisol, FSH, LH, Thyroid, etc on top of Estrogens & Progesterone.

Hope this helps! Also, I post a lot of free helpful content about this stuff over at if you're interested :)
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Re: allergies and PMDD

Post by Lara »

Symptoms during and just after the bleed can be associated with iron deficiency. Has your doctor mentioned anything about that?

I've just recorded a new podcast episode about the role of histamine and dairy in premenstrual allergy-type symptoms.
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