Weight Gain after stopping birth control

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Weight Gain after stopping birth control

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I always heard that the pill would cause weight gain which never happened to me but not since coming off the pill in March 2021 I am finding it next to impossible to loose weight, the more I exercise the more weight I seem to put on and no amount of calorie deficit is helping either.

There have been other issues since coming off the pill Iv been back and forth with my doctor about having endo, Iv had 3 ultrasounds and an mri which have shown endometrial cysts - one which I suspect ruptured and landed me in a&e they treated me for a kidney infection but said my urine was clear but never looked into the possibility it could have been a gyno issue.

The doctor is suggesting I go back into a hormonal birth control pill to help with period pain and the cysts and I hadn’t want to but now I’m tempted as I’m at my end of the tether trying to loose weight and I’m wondering if it will help??
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Re: Weight Gain after stopping birth control

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Hi Lara - I have been experiencing the same issue as me ruined above and have also listened to your podcast, but I don’t find it actually addresses the question as to whether or not this will come down? I’ve been off of birth control for 10 months now. I’m a macro coach and nutritionist, I’m a personal trainer and health coach and am very in tune and aware of my body, activity and nutrition. I’ve seen 15 lbs of unintentional weight gain coming off the pill after 15 years. It’s actually been worse over the last two months. Is this something that will subside? I receive mixed answers on this and have been working with a functional doctor on my sex hormones which seem to be getting better, but the weight gain continues.
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