How to come off the pill?

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How to come off the pill?

Post by Katie89 »

I am about to stop taking a combined contraceptive pill and I want to reduce the risk of post-pill acne and amenorrhea, and maximise my chances of starting to ovulate asap. I would also like to prepare my body generally so that hopefully coming off the pill is not such a huge shock to the system! (I have been on the pill for over 16 years!)

From your book I am gathering that only people with PCOS or previous acne should start taking supplements before coming off the pill? Is that right or have I misunderstood? Is there anything I can do/should be doing, despite the fact that I have not had either of those issues in the past? I am very happy to buy supplements but am just not sure what to buy!

Advice would be so so so appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.
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Re: How to come off the pill?

Post by Lara »

If there's no history of irregular periods or acne, it's usually fine to just stop the pill and then see how you are.
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