Book sales

Thank you for my interest in my books! They’ve proven very popular, and now many practitioners and health stores like to keep them on hand to sell to clients.

Bulk orders (excluding Australia and New Zealand)

Minimum order is 10 books.

Orders are sent direct from the printer (usually Amazon).

Please email [email protected], and include the following:

  • Your name, delivery address, and contact phone number (this is required by Amazon, so we cannot send books without it).
  • The quantity of each title you wish to order.

We will send a reply detailing the costs, and if you are happy with that, we will issue an invoice, and get the books on their way as soon as possible.

To avoid unnecessary fees, payments can be made in USD, EUR, GBP, or CAD, to a local bank account.

Bulk orders in Australia and New Zealand

Pan Macmillan are the publishers for my books in both Australia and New Zealand, and will be happy to help you with bulk orders.

Within Australia, contact Anthony Gribble, [email protected]

In New Zealand, contact John Girvan, [email protected]


If you have any issues or questions, or are looking for more information on the books in other languages, please email [email protected]