Metabolism Book

If you feel tired and hungry all the time—and can’t lose weight—insulin resistance and metabolic inflexibility could be why.

Like Lara’s bestselling Period Repair Manual and Hormone Repair Manual, this book is a troubleshooting guide or manual for women. Only this time, it’s all about metabolic health—specifically, metabolic health for women of any age. Note that the book has two titles: The Metabolism Reset in Australia and New Zealand and Metabolism Repair for Women everywhere else. It will be out on May 28th, 2024.

Through a compassionate lens, The Metabolism Reset explores how both eating behavior and energy expenditure are not under conscious control. Instead, they’re subject to the brain’s regulatory mechanism. And if you have metabolic dysfunction (i.e., insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, and/or weight gain), it’s because something is amiss with that regulatory mechanism.

As a solution, the book provides a 10-step plan for identifying your personal metabolic obstacles, such as hormonal issues, digestive problems, ultra-processed food, chronic stress, and medications. It then offers actionable strategies for overcoming those obstacles and explains why a simple intervention like fixing your gut can reverberate through your entire system to feel less hungry and burn more energy.

It contains up-to-date research, patient stories, and practical advice. It’s your reality-based guide to repairing your metabolism and reclaiming health.

The Metabolism Reset

Australia and New Zealand pre-order

The Metabolism Reset is published by Pan Macmillan and is available for pre-order from the following outlets. All formats, including an e-book and audiobook, will be available on May 28th.

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Metabolism Repair for Women

International distribution

Metabolism Repair for Women will be available on May 28th as a print book, e-book, and audiobook. Kindle pre-orders are available now. Other links will be published on May 28th.

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Praise for Lara’s metabolism book:

“Lara Briden effortlessly untangles one of the most complex and (often) shame-laden aspects of women’s health. The metabolism repair resource I’ve been waiting for!” ~ Dr. Karen Faisandier, clinical psychologist

“A beacon of hope for the millions of patients struggling with metabolic health concerns. Backed by science and brimming with practical advice, this is a modern roadmap to navigating the complexities of metabolic dysfunction and restoring balance to this vital aspect of health.” ~ Dr. Fiona McCulloch, author of 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS

“Lara brilliantly weaves together her in-depth knowledge, clinical experience, and compassion to provide inspiring guidance out of our metabolic and mindset challenges.” – Dr. Libby Weaver, bestselling author

“A compassionate, science-based guide to loving your body back to optimal metabolic health. Lara beautifully explains how to work with your body, not against it, to support a healthy metabolism. I can’t wait to recommend this book to all my patients.” – Dr. Peta Wright, author of Healing Pelvic Pain

“Lara Briden’s books have reshaped women’s health. She empowers women by exposing the blame-and-shame culture so prevalent in modern medicine and offers strategies to regain metabolic health. A beacon of hope for women everywhere.” – Dr. Katherine Sherif

“Based on her decades of experience, Lara Briden brings to light many of the issues women face in their battle with metabolic health. This book is a must for women everywhere.” – Dr. Stacy Sims, author of Roar

“If you want to regain your health, vibrancy, and energy, this book is the perfect place to start.” – Dr. Jen Unwin

“More than a health guide, this book is a tool for women seeking to understand their bodies better and to live fuller, more energetic lives. An invaluable companion for anyone looking to improve their metabolic health and vitality.” – Dr. Mikki Williden

“The manual women have been waiting for. Underpinned by the latest science, this book will help you to finally understand the root causes of why you feel tired and hungry all the time.” – Sophie Scott OAM, Associate Professor (Adj), Mental Wellbeing Speaker

“Lara’s work is the antidote to the numerous myths circulating about women’s health. She has a unique skill of presenting factually correct, evidence-based information in an understandable and practical way. Many women will benefit from the wisdom in this book.” – Dr. Nicky Keay, author of Hormones, Health and Human Potential

“With clarity, curiosity, and knowledge, Lara Briden explains the complexity of metabolic hormones and helps us to address the underlying causes, rather than patching up symptoms.” – Sophie Blackmore, Accredited Practising Dietician

“Lara Briden’s latest book will help women find their path to metabolic flexibility by following her easy-to-navigate, evidence-based plan. Accessible and informative, this is a resource that all clinicians and their patients need in their library.” – Cynthia Thurlow, Nurse Practitioner and TedX Speaker

“Drawing upon years of clinical experience, scientific evidence, and expert opinion, Lara Briden shows us how to achieve better metabolic and overall health, without the blame and stigma that has beset women’s health advice through the years.” – Cliff Harvey, PhD (Nutrition)