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  1. Hi Lara….I just stumbled upon your blog tonight and I feel like it was divine intervention. I hope you can point me in the right direction because I feel so lost, depressed and extremely frustrated, I could just break down and cry. I’m a 49 year old woman who began having severe hair loss, super oily skin and bad acne (primarily around my mouth) about 6 years ago. I had many blood tests which showed my thyroid was just fine. My dermatologist put me on Spironolactone (100mg/day). I have many side effects from this drug, including breast tenderness, breast cysts, fatigue, etc. What can I do to stop the excessive hair loss, acne, etc.???? If I go off this drug, I’m afraid my acne/oil etc. will return. Thoughts??

    • Natural progesterone can be helpful because it has natural anti-androgen effects. Please see Chapter 10 in the new edition of my book about to be released

  2. Love your website and have your book on kindle as well as hard copy! Have you ever seen a patient who experiences severe flu-like symptoms with their period? Since I was 15 (now 27) I get sore throat, swollen glands, severe fatigue, headache, starting a couple days before my period and rendering me bed-bound for about 5 days. Medicine’s solution has been (you guessed it) the pill but I want a better solution as I still get sick a lot. Would love to hear from you.

    • The late luteal phase is a time of immune activation and inflammation, so it can worsen an underlying immune problem (I describe this premenstrual magnification in Chapter 8 of my book). I’ve had patients with similar concerns, and we work on modulating and normalising immune function, but removing inflammatory foods (such as dairy), and by correcting deficiencies of zinc and vitamin D.

      • Thanks so much for your reply. Interesting you say that, as just this year the symptoms are now permanently underlying and not just related to my period. I suspect autoimmune in nature. I have cut out gluten and dairy as per your book and will read back over zinc and vit D. It can all feel a bit overwhelming. Wished you lived in the UK!

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