The Game-Changing Discovery of Ovarian Stem Cells

“The significance of this work is like reporting that we found microorganisms on Mars.”  ~ Dr Kutluk Oktay

New Harvard research has challenged the long-held belief that women have a finite number of eggs which ‘run out’. Scientists have discovered ovarian stem cells and say that viable young eggs may be able to be generated  from the ovaries of older women. This could revolutionize fertility treatment.In practical terms, such egg rejuvenation is probably still a long way off. But it does raise the question: Why does female human fertility end at such a relatively young age?  Other animals retain their fertility much longer in their lifespan.  One interpretation is that human menopause is a genetically timed event with a purpose: It gives women the time and resources to care for their children’s children (to be grandmothers).

Another possibility is that ovarian function declines because of a declining number of mitochondria. Viable eggs requires a high level of energy-producing, and over time, age-related oxidation can damage mitochondria. Natural supplements such as CoQ10  restore mitochondrial function and have been shown to rejuvenate ovarian follicles.

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