How Iodine Protects Breasts

Molecular iodine for breast health.

Iodine has a long history of being an effective treatment for breast symptoms such as pain and cysts. It may also play a role in helping to reduce the risk of breast cancer and even treat breast cancer.

For example, new research has found that iodine deficiency may play a causative role in the development of breast cancer and that iodine supplementation may be effective as adjuvant therapy for breast cancer.

Iodine helps breast tissue by down-regulating estrogen-responsive genes and up-regulating healthy estrogen metabolism or detoxification.

How to take iodine for breast health

I typically prescribe between 250 mcg (0.25 mg) and 3000 mcg (3 mg) in the form of either potassium iodide (KI) or molecular iodine (I2). Molecular iodine is safer than potassium iodide because it’s absorbed more quickly into breast tissue and more slowly into the thyroid. That’s important because too much iodine can harm the thyroid and trigger autoimmune thyroid disease. The presence of thyroid antibodies (autoimmune thyroid disease) is generally a contraindication for taking iodine.

Drop of iodine in water as a nutritional supplement.
Too much iodine can harm the thyroid.

For more information about treating women’s health conditions with iodine, see my blog post Why I prescribe iodine for breast pain, ovarian cysts, and PMS.

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