Natural Treatments to Lower Prolactin

Natural treatment for high prolactin.

Symptoms of high prolactin (hyperprolactinemia) include irregular periods or no periods, premenstrual mood symptoms, loss of libido, headaches, breast pain, vaginal dryness, acne, and hirsutism or facial hair.

High prolactin is one of several causes of androgen excess and can be mistaken for polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS.

How to diagnose high prolactin

Normal prolactin in a non-lactating woman is less than 500 mIU/L (23 ng/mL). Optimal prolactin is less than 300 mIU/L (14 ng/mL).

Prolactin blood test.

If you get a high prolactin result, first consider if it could be temporarily or falsely elevated due to stress, exercise, or eating. To be accurate, prolactin should be tested under the following conditions:

  • early in the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle
  • between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m.
  • fasting
  • hydrated
  • not directly after exercise or sex
  • relaxed, and
  • not on hormonal birth control.

If your prolactin is elevated on at least two occasions, the next step is to identify the underlying cause with the help of your doctor. Common causes include:

  • prolactinoma, which is a benign pituitary tumour
  • high estrogen, either endogenous or from the pill
  • medications such as SSRI antidepressants, anti-psychotics, and stomach acid medication
  • underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism
  • undereating including anorexia nervosa
  • alcohol, and
  • stress.

With strongly elevated prolactin due to a prolactinoma, the best treatment can be the medication bromocriptine.

For other causes, the best treatment is to try to correct the underlying problem such as taking thyroid hormone to correct hypothyroidism or finding an alternative to stomach acid medication.

For mildly elevated prolactin in the range of 300 mIU/L to 500 mIU/L, consider the following natural treatments including vitex.

👉🏽 Tip: Because vitex can mask the symptoms of a prolactinoma, check with your doctor before trying natural treatment.

Natural treatments to lower prolactin

  • Reduce alcohol, especially beer, because barley stimulates prolactin. That’s why beer was traditionally prescribed to increase milk supply. Do not exceed four alcoholic drinks per week.
  • Address any underlying issue with thyroid or undereating.
  • Reduce stress with yoga, meditation, and long slow walks.
  • Consider taking vitamin B6 which lowers prolactin levels by increasing the neurotransmitter dopamine.
  • Consider taking the herbal medicine Vitex agnus-castus (also called chaste tree or chaste berry) which lowers prolactin. The exact dose depends on the formulation of the product. Read The dos and don’ts of vitex for period problems.

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  1. Chaste tree is not here in my locality nor is the commercial products in circulation, is there any other herbal plant you may suggest for me?

  2. I took a lot of hormonal drug like Vitex, metformin, letrozole,dexamethasone, dostinex, spirinolactone, after taking oral contraceptive & bicalutamide since 2018 I developed weakness of bone which is on severe case now & irregular period, movement is becoming so difficult, please help a sister I’m in serious need of your advice. Thank you

  3. Hola! Tengo prolactiba en 52 ng/ml. Pero no tengo ningún sintoma de los que mencionas. Puede que sea momentánea? Eso imposibilita concebir? Gracias!!

  4. Hi Dr Briden,
    Do you believe latent hyperprolactinaemia is caused by issues from the GnRH pulse generator driven by the glucose utilisation issues in the brain? My understanding is in this condition the LH pulses are normal, but the prolactin surges are the ones that are disordered, so wondering what is driving this biologically.

  5. Hi Lara
    I am 30 year old female.
    March 3 2021
    Test result was
    TSH 6.65
    Serum Prolactin 47.29
    Dostinex 0.25 MG twice a week (consumed 6weeks)

    Euthyrox 50mcg tab 1 tab daily (consumer 2 months)

    Today test report
    TSH 2.76
    Prolactin 40.5ng

    Should I continue TSH medicine?

    prolactin medicine can be continued? Any changes to be done? (The indian brand available Cabgolin 0.25mg Tab)

    i even have blurred vision on one eye.
    should I increase medicine dose?


  6. Hi my name is Sherene I have a prolactin problem I found out a couple years ago I would like to try and lower my levels naturally without taking cabergroline I’m going to try the vitamins it’s so hard for me to lose weight i do try hard thanks in advance for your input

  7. Hello I’m asking for my son who has high prolactin from polyperidone. He is receiving Abilify orally but it’s causing suicidal thoughts. Thanks very much

  8. If a man has high prolactin levels does this mess with his hormones from an estrogen to testosterone level and can via his hormones levels being affected adopt female sexual tendencies?

  9. Thanks for the explanations on high prolactin level….
    Please what drugs or what do I do to control my prolactin level of 71.6 (ng/ml) as shown in the test result I did in December 2020. Thanks for your help as I wait your helpful response. Thank you.

  10. I am a 70 year old male that just had a pituitary function test that registered 235. 3 on my Prolactin level.
    What can I do to lower Prolactin while I wait for a CD scan?

  11. Hi Lara, I’ve recently bought your book after having an ultrasound scan and being diagnosed with PCOS, a private dr suggested I get a couple of hormone blood tests done and my prolactin came back high, does this mean I have PCOS and high prolactin? I’ve been on the pill for 10 years and came off in March. Thanks!

  12. Hi Lara,

    Any tips for managing high androgen levels while breastfeeding? I assume it’s related to the prolactin (that I need), or the low estrogen/low progesterone during this time period (though my menstrual cycles are regular like clockwork). The acne is making me want to stop breastfeeding (since I feel pretty confident it’d resolve if I stopped and my hormones became mine again), but otherwise I’d like to keep going for at least 5 months (babe currently 7 months). Any advice appreciated! Thank you!

  13. Hi Lara! I have dark spotting and irregular periods. My doctor suggested once taking Vitex but it just increased my hair loss. What could I take instead? I usually get blood tests during my period and my prolactin was always high during these days. Is that normal? Should I test it in different phases?

  14. I’m having prolonged and heavy bleeding 5 months post partum and the doc ruled out cysts, polyps or thyroid issues etc. I’m breastfeeding and so it follows that my prolactin levels are high, and I don’t want to lower them because my milk supply will drop. In fact in trying treatments for the prolonged bleeding (Tranexamic acid, progesterone and now a progesterone only birth control pill, my milk supply has dropped and I’ve had to supplement with formula, I’m taking dom peridon to increase milk supply. Missed one dose of birth control pill and super heavy bleeding started immediately again. How do I keep my milk supply up and stop the hesvy bleeding without staying on hormonal birth control? Help!

  15. Hello! I tried taking Vitex for 6 weeks and just got terrible acne but the spotting around my period persisted. And I’m still having vaginal dryness. I’m taking B6. How did you discover Vitex was so good at suppressing Prolactin? Are there studies? Thank you!!

  16. Hi there, Seeing as though you welcome comments (mines a question) i have been wanting a baby im 28 healthy i usually have regular menstrual cycle(not this month, hence the question) my cycle from 7/1 to 7/5 good got my period 7/27 7/31 did OPK test and BBT all pointed to ovulation. I expected my period yesterday 7/22 but i began spotting on 8/17 a week early (NOT PREGNANT Im married to a woman) til 8/21 way lighter than my reg cycle and more of a brownish color, WHY? i had a pap smear on the previous Fri, if that helps. So i dont know what to think, period never came. Im confused about it! Im usually pretty regular, so i thought… So mu LP was 13 days but this cycle it was 8 days does this happen? Should i be worried? I already bought my donor sperm from a bank, did i waste 2000$ i mean i need help pleaseeeeee

  17. Dear dr Briden

    I am 46 yrs old, still menstruating,(cycle is fluctuating betw 23-30 days) with some of the perimenopause symptoms. I have been diagnosed more than 20 yrs ago with prolactinoma and was on the dostinex for couple of years until i decided to stop it because it gave me many side effects. I decided to start the holistic naturopathic treatment. It’s has been more tv an 10 yrs since that, i test blood occasionally and in 2018 my prolactin was around 89, and recently in july 2020 about a week ago i tested again and prolactin was 150. I didn’t do it in the am and not fasting, arhiut was 13 days before period. I don’t know what to think is it high because of prolactinoma ( my hope was that with naturopathic treatment it was gone)
    i did take Vitex, and other suggested by you in the book supplements) or it’s because of the reasons you described above in your article🤔
    I don’t want to be on dostinex and do MRI any longer 🙁
    I take zinc and magnesium and B6, and ashwagandha, also started taking Vitex for elevated prolactin.

    I am not sure if i should start taking Prometrium for that matter
    In fact in my blood test progesterone showed very very low
    your advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you for your work and wonderful 📖 book

  18. Thank you, Dr Briden for addressing high prolactin, It is difficult to find info on this subject. I am 55 years old still in permenopause. I was diagnosed with PCOS 20 years ago I am slightly overweight, had excessive hair growth and hair loss and always had have very low blood sugar. I had 45 day cycles until I had kids and after kids (40 years old last birth) I then went to a short cycle of 21-28 days with terrible PMS, heavy bleeding and lengthy migraines for last 15 years. Hair problems resolved, though! At 41 yrs I had mildly high prolactin diagnosis it was always below 80 ug/l and have been on and off dostinex. I have a microprolactinoma that has shrunk over years and I have an MRI every year to check it. I am a fan of PCOS Diva and have been following Amy’s regimen and feel amazing especially since off gluten, muscle pain , headaches have evaporated and very few PMS symptoms in last cycle (been on program 8 weeks). Last Prolactin test was 79 non fasting and LH was 13 on day 9 of cycle. I am dealing with anxiety and sleep issues so I am thinking of going back on Dostinex, my Endo says with my level I can take it or leave it. i need sleep, though! I recently I heard your podcast on PCOS Diva and you mentioned some women have prolactin issues but don’t have PCOS. I always thought I had both. Where can I seek more info and alternative treatment for my unique issue? Great podcast, BTW!

  19. Lara, is a prolactin test run on a random day, rather than early in the cycle (not sure I ovulate anyway), unhelpful?

  20. I had a blood test done a few months ago which showed my Prolactin was 784 mU/L. All my other hormones were in the normal ranges (except progesterone as that wasn’t included in the test). I did the blood test online so haven’t seen my doctor yet (covid-19 coincided with when I got the results). I don’t know what the cause of the high prolactin was but I think stress could be a factor and I think I still have high levels. I think I may also have low progesterone due to PMS etc.

    I stopped taking the birth control pill (yasmin) around 3 years ago and ever since I’ve struggled with cystic acne, scanty periods, fatigue which is getting worse and worse, rhinitis and thinning hair.. the joys. I had a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst at one point and I believe I have another couple of cysts at the moment but I’ve never been diagnosed with PCOS or anything like that. I recently got in touch with a naturopath who recommended I take Vitex to improve my ovarian function but I had to stop taking it after I had a bad reaction to it (upset stomach, headache, severe chest tightness, very low mood). She also recommended I try progesterone cream. Has anyone tried progesterone cream whilst having high prolactin at all? Does it work/help with fatigue? I’ve read the period repair manual but as time goes by, find myself getting more and more confused about what’s actually wrong with me.

    I recently started taking a mutivitamin with relatively high B6 in it (50mg) and it’s noticeably helped the acne so I’m wondering whether I should stick with that, the advice above (and see a Doctor) or see whether the progesterone cream works.. any advice would be greatly received.

  21. Hi Lara,

    I’m 33. Is there anything that can be done to change this to be able to ovulate again? This year i only had 1 period and that was induced by primolut after 7 months no period at all.
    My cortisol: 518 nmol/L, LH: 16.6 U/L, FSH: 5.3 IU/L which the ratio is 3:1 (and i cant take vitex due to high LH) and Prolactin: 763 mIU/L (I’m not pregnant/breastfeeding/post-pregnant and no breast tenderness and lactation). I can’t figure out which type PCOS i’m having since I have never been to the pill, not glucose intolerant (confirmed by fasting glucose test), not overweight. I’m so confused and my doctors suggestion was asking me to lose more weight.
    I would like to know what’s the problem and want to ovulate naturally.

  22. Is it possible that years of breastfeeding non stop (continued feeding through subsequent pregnancies) multiple babies into toddlerhood could cause these PCOS like high prolactin symptoms of female pattern hair loss, acne and facial hair when I had no hormonal or period issues prior? Thyroid and nutrient deficiencies have been explored/resolved.

  23. Hello, Because there isn’t a topic on pre menopausal I thought this the best blog to comment on.

    What happens if you’re premenopausal (pre 30)? Is there anything that can be done to change this to be able to ovulate again? It’s obviously a rather worrying situation for my health and I have been off medication in isolation while I was exploring accupuncture. I have also taken herbs previously from a professional herbologist. PRTLY Because of the cost, I came off them as I found it very difficult to know if it was making a difference but I think it is worth exploring again.

    I have come on and off HRT and Oestrogen (the progesterone pill) as the doctors prescribed me. Only yesterday did I decide to go back on them due to the hot flushes in the evening and worrying that I wasn’t with these vital hormones?
    Do you think I should be taking them or go back to natural herbs etc?
    I have a very good diet to make sure I am doing the best I can for myself in this situation but I dont know whether to carry on with HRT or come off it.
    I am ideally trying to find the source of the problem and heal myself to start ovulating again… Which I know can take time.

  24. Hello! What can I do if I cannot stop taking my antidepressant in at least a year? Supposing that is the cause of my high prolactin levels. Thank you 🙂

  25. Thanks so much for the post Dr. Briden!

    I have high prolactin + hypothyroid.

    I have made the many lifestyle changes you listed so that great to hear I am on the right track.

    We have worked on my thyroid with meds and its responding well.
    My doctor has been very vocal that prolactin has been in play with my long term HA, and after seeing another spike (along with just the increased stress of the times) we are moving forward with medication.

    I really appreciate your post and constantly refer back to you book.
    You deliver is everything!
    Practical and EASY to understand.


    Forever a fan and advocate of womens health.

  26. Funny how high prolactin has many of the same symptoms as Estrogen Excess and Hypothyroidism.

    I didn’t realise how stressful low carb and low calore with excessive exercise and excessive caffeine was to body until my body started shutting down and my periods lasting months.

    This was many years ago and Vitex fixed these issues for me (but word of warning, expect to possibly experience the worst anger ever the first few days of taking it – after that it was a Godsend).

  27. Hi Lara, I have hypothyroidism and was diagnosed more than 20 years ago. My dose has been significantly reduced over the last 4 years since turning 40. I take 100mcg of levothyroxine. I’m now 46 and having symptoms of terrible mood swings, anger, stress, anxiety, and acne all related to pmt. my Dr says my hormone levels are “normal” and all they offer is antidepressants. I’m exercising regular and doing yoga and meditation. What do you suggest please?

  28. Is breast stimulation raising prolactin, and is it a problem? Or is it only raising it for a short period of time?

    • Hi Dr Briden,
      I am 43 almost 44 and I would like to have another baby but my prolactin seems to be raised most times. I took bromocriptine a few times and it dropped but keep going back up for whatever reason. I must admit that my nipples are always stimulated.
      Do you think it’s worth it to keep on trying for a baby?
      Share your thoughts!

  29. Is there a relation between prolactin and high cortisol? My cortisol levels are through the roof, and my breasts kill and I can’t sleep. Getting a doctor to test all these things is SO hard. Regular doctors are clueless to this stuff. I am having to do all my own research trying to find out what’s wrong with me. It’s so frustrating!!!!

  30. Hi Lara! I’m in the midst of tests for high prolactin, found in routine bloods after an endometriosis diagnosis (which brought me to your resources – thank you!). It’s too high but not hugely so. I’ve had bloods repeated several times, including over a two-hour window. The next step is a brain scan if they think I need one but the hospital are using locums who keep leaving so I’ve been waiting for months. I didn’t think I had any symptoms but your article makes me think that I do. It’s been high for a year now. Are the two conditions linked? And are there any effects of it being high over time? Thank you!

    • it’s pretty common to see high prolactin with endometriosis. I’m exactly sure of the mechanism, but high prolactin does potentially contribute to the immune dysfunction that underlies endometriosis.

  31. Hi doctor. I have excessive facial dark hair around my jaw and neck; I have regular periods – between 4-6 days; I am 36 years old. some flare ups of acne but not intense; facial hair seems to get worse after period but this sometimes may also occur before period. Breast pain occasionally but not always. I was tested for high prolactin twice. The first time the number was nearly 600. The second time I was told it was only slightly raised and I was told no other intervention was needed. I had thyroid tests done (Although probably not full panel) and all was normal. PCOS was also not detected through blood work but I know the testing may be limited. I am not overweight / underweight and have remained consistent in that regard.
    I have also been dealing with excessive hair loss after a traumatic event two years ago and now still shedding but with some recovery in between. I am.also from greek ethnicity and my mum and sister also have excessive facial hair. Should I take vitex to assist with slightly raised prolactin ? Or perhaps start with b6? Unfortunately I was not given the actual reading the second time. Perhaps, I could follow up with more testing. Many thanks. X

  32. In February when I went for my routine check, my prolactin was high and my Fsh too. I placed on carbogaline. Did a repeat test in April, my Fsh had normalized by prolactin was still high. After reading your post, I think stress was major contributor to d high prolactin. My act scan in March came out clean. Been wondering why my prolactin is still high.

  33. Hi Dr. Briden,

    Thank you so much for sharing this information so freely. Would prolactin levels affect waking temperature at all? Mine tends to be unpredictable (97-97.7 degrees), especially in my follicular phase. Just wondering why that would be. My cycles tend to be pretty long (~37-40 days).


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