Why Zinc Is One of My Favorite Supplements for Women’s Health

zinc for hormones

Want a simple solution for period and hormone problems?  Consider the humble mineral zinc.

According to the 2020 paper, The Role of Zinc in Selected Female Reproductive System Disorders, zinc can be an effective treatment for many women’s health conditions, including PCOS, period pain, endometriosis, and the vaginal dryness of menopause.

Zinc for women’s health

Zinc supplements for women's health.

Zinc deficiency

Zinc deficiency affects one in three women and is common with a plant-based diet because plant foods are low in zinc.

Zinc absorption can be impaired by alcohol, stomach medication, hypothyroidism, and hormonal birth control.

Symptoms of deficiency include:

  • hair loss
  • dermatitis
  • impaired immune function
  • white spots on the fingernails.

The test for zinc deficiency is plasma zinc with a normal reference range of 11-23 umol/L or 70-150 ug/dL).

Dose and safety

A safe and effective dose of zinc is 30 mg per day, and the best types are zinc citrate, zinc picolinate, or zinc bisgylcinate. Zinc on an empty stomach can cause nausea, so should be taken directly after a large meal. More than 80 mg of zinc for more than three months can deplete copper.

For more information, see my books Hormone Repair Manual (for women over 40) and Period Repair Manual (for women of any age).

Dr Lara Briden
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