Is It PCOS or Hypothalamic Amenorrhea?

is it PCOS or hypothalamic amenorrheaIf you’ve lost your period, you may have noticed it’s tough to get the right diagnosis.

First, you’re told you have the hormonal condition PCOS, but then you’re told you might have hypothalamic amenorrhea.

What is the difference between PCOS and hypothalamic amenorrhea?

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Calling All Vegans. Tell Me About Your Periods

vegan diet and periodsIf you follow my blog, you know how much I care about women and women’s health. I want women to be fully nourished and eat in a way that supports ovulation and hormones.

I am, therefore, concerned about any diet that seems to impair ovulation. That can include a low-carb or keto diet, which can stop ovulation and periods. That can also include an exclusively plant-based or vegan diet, which can stop ovulation, but more often seems to cause long cycles and progesterone deficiency.

If you’re vegan, I encourage you to keep reading and join the conversation in the comments. I particularly want to hear from anyone who has been vegan for at least a year. (And see below for a tally of the comments so far.)

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Why I Ask Some Patients to Quit Desserts

fructose insulin resistanceDesserts and high-dose fructose can be a problem for health, especially if you have insulin resistance.

With my patients, I don’t worry too much about sugar as long as insulin is normal on a blood test. If insulin is high on a blood test (insulin resistance), I ask them to avoid all desserts and dessert-type foods including dried fruit like dates. They can still have whole fruit.

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Is It Normal Period Pain or Endometriosis?

When period pain is endometriosisDo you suffer bad period pain?  You shouldn’t have to.

Period pain is common, so we tend to think it just goes with the territory of having periods. But “normal” period pain should not prevent you from going about your day. And “normal” period pain should disappear with simple treatments like dairy-free and zinc.

Put it this way: If pain doesn’t disappear with simple treatments, then it’s not normal period pain. It’s strong period pain and could mean you have endometriosis or adenomyosis.

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