The Pill Is Bad Medicine. 7 Ways Hormonal Birth Control Harms Women

The Pill is Bad MedicineThe Pill is chemical castration. We cannot continue to not see this.

Clinicians know it. Women themselves know it because they feel better off the Pill. But researchers mysteriously decline to examine the reality that is right in front of us. They decline to challenge the Pill Gospel and instead waste research money comparing one Pill to another. Why attempt to choose the best of a bad lot?  The real question should be:  “Aren’t women better off without these drugs?”

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The Pill, Thyroid, and 4 Other Types of Hormonal Hair Loss


Hair loss used to be something that women suffered occasionally after childbirth or illness. It is now so common that doctors see it every day.

Hormonal birth control is largely to blame. It damages the hair follicle in a way that can take years to repair.  Other conditions such as PCOS and thyroid disease also play a role.

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Looking for Hormone Balance? The Pill Is Not the Answer

Pill can never balance hormonesWhen asked to give women one single piece of hormonal advice, I say: do not take the Pill.

Why? Because hormonal birth control profoundly  disrupts hormone balance. It causes weight gain, depression, bladder infections, and abnormal PAP tests. The Pill suppresses the body’s own hormones and kills libido. To state it plainly, the Pill is chemical castration.

And yet the idea that the Pill can be used to balance hormones is entrenched with many patients and doctors. The Pill’s hormone-like drugs are not the same as the body’s own hormones.

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