Most Of Us Have Thyroid Nodules. Do They Matter?

Thyroid nodules are common

Thyroid tissue is strange tissue. It’s delicate and fatty, with a rich blood supply. It’s vulnerable to toxins such as mercury, which accumulate in the thyroid.

Even more strange is the histology or microstructure of the gland. It’s composed of little bubbles or sacs (follicles) that house the oxidative reactions of iodine transfer and hormone production. The surrounding tissue is shielded  from these mini-cauldrons by only a single layer of cells. Imagine a pile of water balloons full of hazardous chemicals, and you get a sense of the precariousness of this gland. When tissue damage occurs, the body responds with repair and growth, and unfortunately at times over-growth, resulting in nodules and goitre.

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The Inflammation From A1 Milk Is Mind-Boggling

A1 MilkFor some people, A1 milk (normal cow’s milk) is simply devastating to health.  We can wish for milk to be healthy because of its calcium and protein. We can hope that milk is better if it’s raw or organic.

We cannot get around the fact that the dairy protein A1 casein is highly inflammatory for some people. In susceptible individuals, A1 casein is cleaved to form a powerful inflammatory opiate called casomorphin.

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Poor Thyroid: Canary in the Coal mine. The First Organ to Go Down

Many of my patients suffer thyroid problems: Enlarged thyroid, nodules, under-active thyroid and autoimmune thyroid disease.

They have been given a hormone tablet and the reassurance that if their thyroid gets too naughty, it can always be surgically removed. Tidy solutions, and now thousands of women take thyroid replacement. But they often do not feel well, and their thyroid glands are definitely not happy. What have we missed? What is the thyroid trying to tell us?

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